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Co Enzyme Q10 30mg

Co Enzyme Q10 30mg

Co Enzyme Q10 30mg

  • Also known as ubiquinone, Co Enzyme Q10 plays an essential role in energy production, but also helps circulation, immunity, the cardiovascular system and gum and teeth health.
  • Our most popular Co Enzyme Q10 product.
  • A softgel alternative to our other Co Enzyme Q10 gelatin free product.
  • Suspended in GMO free soya bean oil to aid bio-availability and therefore the body's absorption of Co Enzyme Q10.

Ubiquinol or Ubiquinone?
Co Enzyme Q10 (Co Q10) can also often be referred to as ubiquinol or ubiquinone, names of different forms of Co Q10 found within the body. There is a common myth that ubiquinol is more effective than ubiquinone, mainly due to a wave of companies who produced the ubiquinol form and then falsely marketed it as a superior version.

In reality, regardless of what form of Co Q10 you take, the body is able to convert the consumed form to the other form as and when needed. This means, if you take a reduced Co Q10 supplement (ubiquinol), the body can convert it to the oxidised Co Q10 (ubiquinone) and vice versa, depending on its requirements at the time. This conversion takes place to maintain a state of equilibrium between reduced Co Q10 (ubiquinol) and oxidised Co Q10 (ubiquinone).

Unquestionably, both forms—ubiquinone and ubiquinol—are effective and essential to important pathways in the body, and in states of need, either form can be reduced or oxidised to form the other.

Active ingredients per capsule:
Co Enzyme Q10

Sugar FreeLactose FreeYeast FreeGluten FreeWheat Free
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Code: 130
Weight: 65g
Pack Size: 60 Caps
Daily Intake: 1-3 Capsules with food
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