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    Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine using volatile plant oils, known as essential oils. It has been used in conjunction with nutritional therapy for centuries, offering both a back-up to recovery and a treatment in itself!

    There are many plants used in aromatherapy and the production of essential oils, which all have very different healing effects on the body. Many of these properties overlap so several oils can be used to treat one condition.

    Essential oils can be broken down into three groups, low, medium and high notes, which all have different characteristics. This also means that three different oils which have similar effects on a particular condition can be used at the same time to give greater results.

    There are several modes of application of aromatherapy oils, and these include:

    • Aerial diffusion - using an oil burner / light ring for diffusing the essential oil around a room
    • Direct inhalation - placing the essential in a bowl of hot water or other receptacle to inhale directly, like you would a decongestant i.e. menthol crystals
    • Topical applications - for general massage, baths, compresses and skincare

    Impressions Aromatherapy - use only pure natural essential oils together with the finest carriers and lotions!

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