Carrier Oils & Lotions

Impressions Aromatherapy pure essential oils are selected from the finest quality sources from around the world, so you can be assured that you will always be getting the best quality we can offer you!.

This is also true of the range of carrier oils and lotions we have available!

Because we want you to get involved and try mixing your own oils and lotion we do not pre-blend essential oils with any of our oils or lotions because the possible combinations available are so vast, and we'd rather you got the right one!

Simply add the essential oils you require to your chosen carrier oil or lotion in the quantity you require, and apply as necessary! Great for skin complains (try the carrier lotion), or for a relaxing massage (try Lavender in Sweet Almond oil), or if you want to spice things up a little (try Ylang Ylang) in the bedroom.

All our carrier oils and lotions are easily absorbed and in most cases hypo-allergenic!

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