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    The increase in the Western world of conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis and osteoarthritis has lead to a huge increase in people trying to find natural ways of reducing the pain and inflammation caused by these ailments.

    There are many of the popular products in this section, including glucosamine (in sulphate and hydrochloride forms) either on its own or combined with MSM or chondroitin, and the highly popular Super Cod Liver Oil.

    Glucosamine and MSM both help with the production of synovial fluids, tendons, ligaments ad many other joint related tissues, which may reduce joint inflammation.

    Whereas the amazing vitamins and minerals in products like the Joint Pack; calcium, magnesium and vitamin D all combine to help promote bone density and reduce the symptoms of osteoporosis.

    Together with a good nutritional base the products in this section can help you reduce the pain and anguish so often caused by aching and swollen joints and the fear of reduced bone density!

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