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    Traditional Plant Tinctures from Health Plus

    A tincture is a liquid preparation containing the active extracted ingredients of a herb. The fresh plants / herbs are chopped and macerated (steeped) in a mixture of water and alcohol for a long period, allowing the active ingredients of the plant to be extracted, avoiding all heating or other manufacturing processes.

    After three or four weeks, the liquid is strained and pressed, then filtered into bottles. The result is a tincture that contains nothing more than:

    • Plant juice / extract
    • Alcohol
    • Water

    This process allows the bio-active constituents of the plant to remain in the tincture.

    What better choice and variety?

    Most popular...
    • Red Clover
      • £6.95
      • Pack Size : V-50ml

    • Elderberry
      • £6.95
      • Pack Size : V-50ml

    • Ginger
      • £7.45
      • Pack Size : V-50ml

    • Marigold
      • £6.95
      • Pack Size : V-50ml

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