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    Memory makes an important contribution to who we are, it's our memories and experiences that shape us into the person we are and will become!

    As we age we do get a slight memory decline and the occasional short memory loss, but this is normal.

    Unfortunately, in the UK there does appear to be a general increase in cases of dementia, know one really knows why, and there have been many theories, of which many suggest our change in diet. Paying attention to our diet and the use of supplements have also been shown to have a positive effect, and can easily help reduce the risk factors associated with dementia and maintaining a healthy brain. These supplements include Ginkgo Biloba, Phosphatidyl Serine and Lecithin.

    A relaxed and clear mind can have a very positive effect on our Mood, but today's hectic lifestyle can really cloud this relaxed state of mind.

    This can very often lead to irritability, lethargy, stress and anxiety, which in some cases can lead to depression!

    The remainder of the products in this section are all carefully formulated to help avoid these symptoms of modern life, and bring a happy skip and jump back into your day, enabling you to enjoy life how it was meant to be!

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