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    Plant and herbal supplements are the fastest growing sector in the nutritional supplements field, with the benefits of more and more plants being discovered on an almost daily basis. This section aims to cover the most common, useful and effective products in this fascinating sector, covering general invigoration through to high power antioxidants like Pycnogenol®.

    With these plant products we aim to combine the potency, quality and standardisation of the extract (which guarantees the level of the important active constituent) with the raw powdered plant, to bring you the greatest power and efficacy possible. Where we have not combined both extract and powder, this is because we believe that the maximum effectiveness comes from the plant as a whole, not one particular constituent.

    All of the plant supplements are listed in this category, but you will also find them under the health related sections of this website for easier selection (e.g. Antioxidants & Detox, Women's Health and Mood & Memory).

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