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    Vitamin E, a fat soluble vitamin, is the most powerful antioxidant vitamin in the body. It helps to prevent saturated fatty acids from forming harmful substances in the digestive tract, as well as de-furring artery walls. It also plays an essential role in the respiration of cells, forming muscle tissue and maximising the ability of muscles to use their oxygen supply, thus making it a very popular supplement among active people.

    Vitamin E is commonly used to help maintain healthy joints and is reputed to have anti-ageing properties and to help maintain sex drive (especially when taken with Ginseng).

    Often used by women during the menopause, it also:

    • Provides a protective role as a free radical scavenger and antioxidant
    • Plays a key role in reproductive system health
    • Maintains the health of capillary walls and strengthens blood vessels
    • Maintains healthy skin

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