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  • IOSS Scheme

    This is a new scheme that was introduced subsequent to the UK’s exit from the EU. It is designed to streamline the travel of goods from the UK to the EU and ensure they pass through the Customs systems of the 27 Member State countries as quickly and as easily as possible.

    We are now registered with the scheme and have started implementing it on all qualifying orders. So what does this mean for your order?

    What is a qualifying order?
    To qualify for the scheme, the order must meet the following criteria:

    1. The delivery address must be in an EU Member State
    2. The goods value (after any applicable discount) must be less than 150 Euro.

    Are shipping charges included in the 150 Euro limit?
    No, shipping charges are not counted towards the 150 Euro limit, but will still apply to the order. (see our Payment & Delivery page for more details about shipping charges).

    What happens when I place my order?
    When entering your address details at the checkout, the shopping cart will automatically calculate the correct VAT rate for your country and apply this to your order. You then pay your order total as normal, and we ship the goods to you.

    What happens if I’m asked to pay import fees on a qualifying order?
    You should not be asked to pay any fees upon import to your country, as you’ve already paid VAT at the point of sale.

    The point of the IOSS system is that there are no hidden or surprise charges: no administration or processing fees. There should be no additional difficulties or barriers to you receiving your goods.

    If you do get asked to make a payment, then please let us know by emailing services@healthplus.co.uk and send us copies of any documents you’ve received. We’ll do our best to try to sort things out from this end.

    What VAT rate will I be charged?
    The VAT rate varies across the 27 Member States, but you will automatically be charged the standard rate of VAT for your country. These are:

    CountryVAT Rate (%)
    Czech Republic21


    What about orders over the 150 Euro limit?
    Orders over 150 Euro are not eligible for the scheme, so would continue to be dealt with as before: import VAT and possibly administration and processing fees would be payable upon receipt to your country.

    If you wish to place a larger order, you may be best to split it into several smaller orders so that each one can qualify for the scheme. If you do this, though, please bear in mind that it will have an effect on the delivery charges that you pay.

    What if I’m buying as a business?
    Again, orders for businesses (what is known as B2B) are not eligible for the scheme – regardless of the order value – as businesses deal with VAT in a different way to end consumers.

    What if I’m outside the EU?
    Again, the scheme would not apply. For orders outside of the UK that are not going to the EU, we would not make any VAT charge at all, and you may be asked to pay import VAT and possibly administration and processing fees upon receipt to your country.

    I have another question that is not covered here
    Please email services@healthplus.co.uk with your question and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.