Save 30% in July

Here we are in July already! The kids are about to break up from school and the weather's great: it feels like summer is here.

Whether you're staycationing, venturing abroad or simply spending time at home, we've got some great products to help you make the most of your summer.

And to make them even better, from now until the end of July you can buy any of the products mentioned here (and everything else in the Health Plus range) at a whopping 30% discount.

Improve your holiday digestion

The digestive system can have a major influence on the health of the whole body, so it's vitally important to keep it in good health. Whether at home or abroad, we've got a range of products that can help:

  • Pro-biotics : a ready-made supply of beneficial bacteria in easy-to-take capsules. Available in single-strain and multi-strain, depending on your needs. More here.
  • Pre-biotics : help your body to grow its own beneficial bacteria to help keep your digestion functioning properly. More here.
  • Digestive enzymes, fibres and cleansers : proper digestion helps your body make the most of the fuel you give it, while fibres and cleansers help keep everything functioning healthily. More here and also here.

Joint flexibility

Joint flexibility and mobility is an important part of feeling healthy and being active, whatever your age. We've got a wide selection of products to help support you support your joints.

  • Super Cod Liver Oil : one of the longest known aids to joint health, Cod Liver Oil helps promote flexibility. More here.
  • Vitamin K2 100µg : essential for proper bone formation and joint health, due to its action in the body on calcium transportation. More here.
  • Glucosamine + MSM : a perfect combination of 500mg Glucosamine and 500mg MSM for the ultimate joint health supplement. More here.
  • Even more : find all of our other great joint health products by clicking here.

Get set for summer

With the good weather we're enjoying at the moment, we can get outside and have fun. Whatever your summer plans, there's a Health Plus product for you and until the end of July, ALL are 30% off when you quote code HPWEBSUM22.